Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Memory Lane

Wednesday's Walk Down Memory Lane

Come for a walk with me down Memory Lane!
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On our way home this weekend from Illinois we made a stop in Janesville, WI to just do a quick drive by of a childhood home of mine. This was a town I lived in from Kindergarten through 2nd grade and is the first home I can really remember. We lived in a duplex that was right next door to my school (we lived on the right side as you are looking at it). We had so many kids in this neighborhood and I have so many great memories from here.

Here is a picture I took on Monday of my old house.

And here is a picture from 4th of July 1976 in front of the same house. In this picture is my dad (he probably is going to kill me for putting this picture up =0) and my Grandma, my Grandpa, my sister and me.

I was all ready to march in a parade. I did baton twirling (which was huge in Wisconsin) and marched in a ton of parades. Boy, I loved baton!!!

This last picture is me learning how to ride my purple bike in my purple outfit (can you tell what my favorite color was=0) in front of that same house.

What great memories!


Goose Hill Farm said...

I have pictures of my childhood home and it doesn't even look like the same house! I grew up in NY and still have family there. A high school friend of mine, with whom I recently re-connected with still lives there. She drove by a few months back and took a picture for me on her cell phone. It was great to see how it has changed and the remember all the things that we used to do there and all the memories I have with my family.

I wasn't a baton twirling, but I was a member of the flag squad. I just LOVED marching in those parades. You are so cute in your little outfit! :> )

Thank you for sharing your wonderful memories with us!


E @ Scottsville said...

Awwwwwww, love your little outfit! How cute! I love old pictures.

So what grade did you live there til? That part didn't type right.

Thanks for taking my walk with me today!


-stephanie- said...

What great photos and memories. Love the little baton twirler. I loved the 70's I'm a WI girl too.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures :)