Wednesday, July 22, 2009

it was totally worth it

Drew has been waiting and waiting (and saving his money) for a certain Star Wars Lego set to be released. Finally it is out- and he did his research online and found this set is at Legoland or Toys R us with Legoland being $10 cheaper. I was so proud of him for doing his research for the best deal!

And so the other day, after one of Tyler's soccer games, we made a little detour on the way home and stopped at Legoland at Mall of America. Drew sets the set on the counter to purchase and the employee got all excited and said to Drew "Are you buying this?" And Drew said yes. The employee said "A Star Wars Destroyer!!!! High five!!" Drew gives this guy a little high five and the employee tells Drew: "No man, get excited! You are buying a Star Destroyer!" This made Drew's day! He was already so excited to be getting this set but for a Legoland employee to be this excited too-well that was just the icing on the cake!

We got home and Drew started right away on his new set and spent most of the afternoon building...

and building...

He finally finished and showed off the finished product and said: "That was totally worth it!"

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Kim said...

Thomas says "COOL!"