Wednesday, January 11, 2012

the boys car

So, this past weekend we were at an out of town hockey tournament with Drew's team. Tyler is still home from college and so him and Jake were home while Pete, Drew and I were at a hotel.

Saturday evening around midnight our cell phones are ringing and it is Jake... I have to admit, my heart skips a beat. It was Jake. He was at a friends house and a friend backed his pickup truck out of the drive way right into the side of Jake's parked car. The side was pushed in, the door would not close and the window was broken.

But everyone was ok. Thank goodness! But still not something you want to have to be dealing with via the phone and the boys home alone.

They vacuumed the glass out of the car and tied the door closed so that Jake could get the car home and into the garage.



The car has $1300 damage :( but I am just so thankful that no one was hurt!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

another tourney weekend

This past weekend we headed to Wisconsin for a hockey tournament for Drew's team. The tournament was in Grantsburg but we stayed in a nearby town of Siren at a perfect hockey tournament hotel.


Each room has a name, the dads were getting kind of competitive with this. :)


There were restaurants and entertainment with in walking distance for both the boys and the parents. The boys had fun eating pizza, playing poker, and shinny hockey.


We were in Wisconsin on a Friday night so a lot of us parents (and a couple of grandparents) decided we should find a good fish fry.

Saturday morning, the boys had their first game.


The boys did their warm ups.



And easily won their game! :)

Between games we headed over to a restaurant close by for some lunch.


Our amazing server and the monster beverages. :)


The boys won 2 more games to bring home the championship trophy!


The team grandparents with the trophy.


And Drew with the hardware!


Another fun weekend with a super great group of kids and parents!!

a hockey tournament weekend

Friday evening we had Drew's hockey team over for a little pre-tournament rally. We ordered a bunch of pizzas and the boys played ping pong and some shinny hockey, lifted weights and watched some TV.




Saturday morning we headed out of town for Drew's tournament. The boys won their first game {even though they took a ton of penalties.} After the game the team headed out for lunch at a local restaurant.



The boys played another game that evening with another win. That evening the boys did some swimming and played some poker, while the parents played some 'Horse' and 654.


Another win for the boys on Sunday brought home the Championship trophy!!



Go North!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Santa Memories

The visit from Santa on Christmas day, made me remember a Christmas many years ago. :)


(I think I was about 6 years old here and my sister was maybe 3 1/2.)

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years weekend lens

We enjoyed a holiday visit from my Aunt  from Wyoming and my Aunt, Uncle and cousins from Kansas. We are only able to get together once or twice a year, so it is always a treat to have time to visit! We spent time at Mall of America shopping, out to dinner one night at Lucky's 13 Pub, a big lasagna dinner another evening at my parents house, and maybe playing one or two games of Scrabble. :)


me and my Aunt Monnie


me and my Aunt Joan


Drew adding up the Scrabble score (with Grandma's glasses).


We celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday.


And on New Years Eve we spent a quiet evening at home making a few appetizers before the kids all left for their own festivities with their friends.




And enjoyed a little snow storm.



Happy New Year!!