Tuesday, June 26, 2012

music in the zoo

Monday evening we met some friends for dinner and a concert at the zoo. We met at the Valley Tap House to grab some dinner and drinks.


Then we headed out to the Minnesota Zoo to see the Tedeschi Trucks Band.




This is the 6th summer that we have been out to the zoo to see a concert and we always have a great time. This setting is just a perfect place to enjoy some live music.




Gorgeous summer weather and great music made for a fun evening!

Monday, June 25, 2012

a 34


Jake has taken the ACT college entrance test 4 times with the latest one being about 3 weeks ago. The first 3 times he took the test he received the exact same score. It was a good score but he knew he could do better; and he really, really wanted to get a better score.

So Jake did what he always does when he wants something-- he worked hard. He spent a few days before this last test figuring out exactly what he needed to do and what he needed to work on to get the score he wanted. 

And then, also true to Jake fashion; because he loves and needs people around him- he organized a study group. :) And they studied and went over online tests. I am not sure that there are many 'study groups' for the ACT test, but hey, whatever works. :)

So, fast forward to Sunday evening. We knew the test scores were most likely going to be posted online sometime on Monday, but not exactly sure what time.

At 12:01 am, the house was sound asleep, when we hear a thunk, thunk, thunk. A sound I haven't heard for many years of a Jake running frantically up the stairs. In the olden days it was because of a bad dream or a thunderstorm.

But today, he bursts into our room (yes at 12:01 am) and shouts; "I got a 34!!!!" Pete and I both bolt from sleeping to sitting upright and say; "What?!?!" We are confused having just been woken up, but Jake repeats; "I got a 34!!!!" We finally processed what he was saying and joined in his excitement! :)

Jake was so happy!! And we are soooo proud of him!!!! He has worked so hard and it is so awesome to see all of that hard work pay off!!! The sky is the truly the limit for that boy!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

weekend lens :: berries and baseball

Friday morning I headed out to the berry farm to pick some strawberries.


It was a beautiful, sunny morning!


I lost my favorite berry helper {Drew} this year due to his bad knees. :(


Only 9 pounds of berries this year.


We also had another baseball tournament this weekend. The third this month!
Drew's team played 4 games and lost all of them--but still somehow came in 5th place out of 24 teams. I don't get baseball!! :)

We had fun watching Drew with some great hitting,



base running,


and playing 2nd base for the entire 4 games.





We enjoyed a dinner out at Pizzeria Lola trying 2 different pizzas this time: the Sweet Italian and the Korean BBQ. Both very good!


We spent and afternoon at my parents house visiting with my cousin and her boyfriend who were in town for a wedding.


It was another fun and busy weekend.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

weekend lens :: Father's Day

Father's Day weekend was a weekend filled with a baseball tournament for Drew's team, a hockey jamboree for Jake's high school team, amd some family time.








Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

memory lane {pocket treasures}


Yesterday, I was cleaning some cabinets in my laundry room and found an old jar of
 'pocket treasures.'
I kind of miss finding this stuff!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

melts a mama's heart

Tyler and Drew

One of the sweetest things happened that just melted this mama's heart. I even tweeted about it last evening.


After waking up before 6am, working 8-5 with an hour commute each way, leaving the house before 7am and not getting home until after 6pm.... my oldest boy still had the heart to think of someone else!

Drew has been sidelined from sports by Dr.s orders for a week due to severe knee pain (in both knees). Drew has been a trooper though, and still attending all of his travel baseball team's practices and games, even though he can only watch. Given that baseball is a 2-3 hour event and Drew is not playing, we have just been dropping him off and picking him up after the game. And he has had a lot of games and a few practices this week!

Last evening, Drew had a game at a ball park in our town. We dropped him off and would pick him up after the game. When we went back to pick Drew up he got on the car and said "I have the best big brother!"

On his way to work out at LifeTime, Tyler had stopped at a gas station and bought an ice cream bar and a bottle of soda to bring to his brother in the dugout at the baseball field. And to top it off, he didn't know which filed Drew was on-- and so he had to walk all around this big ballpark to find him!!! All before he went to work out and after a long day at work.

Seriously, this might have been the sweetest thing ever and I have to say that I am so proud of Tyler for thinking of his youngest brother the way he did! He truly has a heart of gold! And I am so extremely proud of him and so proud of the caring and compassionate man he has become!! It really does melt a mama's heart!! :)

Friday, June 8, 2012

last day of school

Thursday was the last day of school for Jake and Drew. It is so hard for me to believe that we are now finished with Middle School and that my baby is now a Freshmen in High School!! And Jake is now a Senior! Yikes!! {warning:: this post is full of a mama bragging a little} :)


Drew's last day of school was spent with his entire grade at Valley Fair. What a great way to finish up Middle School and to end an awesome school year!  So very proud of you Drew for your straight A's!!



Jake enjoyed his last few days of the school year with the Juniors in charge, as the Seniors were already finished. Tradition is that the Juniors dress up on those days and this year it was 'Western Wednesday.' (Ya, I think Jake is ready for Senior year!! )

jake western ajake western 2a

And 'Throwback Thursday' wearing his 80's Olympic hockey jersey.


Jake won an award for being top in math in the Junior class!
And finished the semester with a 4.4!!
So proud of you Jake!!

jake math award

And Tyler posed for me with his first official paycheck! :)
He is working full-time this summer as an intern!
He really seems to be enjoying it and the regular working schedule!

Ty paycheck

With that- all of the school stuff is being put away and


summer begins!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

bike trip date

Pete played hooky from work yesterday and we took the opportunity of the gorgeous weather to venture out on a bike ride.


After much decision we agreed on the Lake Minnetonka LRT Regional Trail. We loaded the bikes in the car and headed out to Hopkins to start the ride.


This trail was beautiful and fairly flat which makes for easy riding! :)


We rode past parts of Lake Minnetonka.



We headed to the city of Excelsior.



And stopped at Maynard's in Excelsior for lunch and a refreshment. :) We sat outside on the patio and looked over Lake Minnetonka relaxing before we made our 10 mile return trip back to the car.




We passed by the Minnetonka City Hall and Community Center. This is where we had our wedding reception many years ago. :)


We made it! 20 miles round trip.


It was a perfect day spent together filled with sunshine, fresh air and beautiful scenery.