Friday, June 8, 2012

last day of school

Thursday was the last day of school for Jake and Drew. It is so hard for me to believe that we are now finished with Middle School and that my baby is now a Freshmen in High School!! And Jake is now a Senior! Yikes!! {warning:: this post is full of a mama bragging a little} :)


Drew's last day of school was spent with his entire grade at Valley Fair. What a great way to finish up Middle School and to end an awesome school year!  So very proud of you Drew for your straight A's!!



Jake enjoyed his last few days of the school year with the Juniors in charge, as the Seniors were already finished. Tradition is that the Juniors dress up on those days and this year it was 'Western Wednesday.' (Ya, I think Jake is ready for Senior year!! )

jake western ajake western 2a

And 'Throwback Thursday' wearing his 80's Olympic hockey jersey.


Jake won an award for being top in math in the Junior class!
And finished the semester with a 4.4!!
So proud of you Jake!!

jake math award

And Tyler posed for me with his first official paycheck! :)
He is working full-time this summer as an intern!
He really seems to be enjoying it and the regular working schedule!

Ty paycheck

With that- all of the school stuff is being put away and


summer begins!!!

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