Friday, September 10, 2010

first college soccer game

Tyler had soccer tryouts the first week of school and called later in the week to tell us excitedly that he had made the team! We were so excited for him- especially hearing how excited he was!!

So the other night, we went to watch Tyler's first college soccer game. It was so nice to see him and so much fun to see him play at this next level of soccer.

The weather was very cold and raining off and on- but we did manage to get a few (somewhat ok) pictures.










It was a great game that ended in a tie! Now I can't wait to see another game!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School

This past weekend was spent finishing up summer homework for the two youner boys. (Yes, we had a little procrastination in this house this summer!) Drew’s homework was to collect bugs and leaves. 15 different kinds of each for science class this school year.


And Jake had some AP US History reading and notes to finish up. (He is looking quite happy here! :)


And I am happy to report that both boys finished their summer homework with about a day to spare! :) Phew!!

Today was the first day of school for my younger two- Jake started his sophomore year and Drew started 7th grade. They are both in their second year of their schools- so no big changes for them (or me) this year! :)
The “mandatory” 1st day of school pictures on a very cold and blustery morning~



It seems as though both boys had a great 1st day back at school- they found all their classes, liked their teachers, and didn’t have too much homework tonight! And tonight we celebrated back to school with one of their favorite dinners (chicken alfredo wraps) and cake for dessert.

After a good night sleep tonight-- we will all be ready for day number two of school.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Minnesota State Fair

I think most people fall into one of two categories on their feelings regarding State Fairs- they either love them or loathe them. I am one of those people that love the State Fair! And I think with each passing year I am enjoying it even more and more.

This year we were planning on going to the Fair on Friday- but the weather turned out to be cold, blustery and rainy. So we put our plans on hold for a day and headed out to the ‘Great Minnesota Get Together’ on Saturday and the weather was perfect- it was sunny and cool with a touch of Fall in the air

What should we do first? :)

A State Fair must!!! Cheese curds!

One of my favorite buildings is the Horticulure Building.

With the giant pumpkins-

And flowers, honey and produce-

Went on the SkyGlider-

A stop at Machinery Hill to see the tractors (this used to be one of Drew's favorite parts of the fair when he was little!)

A ride on the Space Tower-

Which is a quick ride with some great views-

This picture shows how big the crowd was on Saturday- biggest attendance ever in the history of the Minnesota State Fair with over 234,000 people!

Resting our feet for a few minutes-

A stop at the MN Twins building-


Tried some great new food at Blue Moon Dine In Theater- the corn and bacon flatbread- delicious!

And some 'old' favorite food-

Went on a ride on the Giant Slide-

And of course a stop in the Midway to play some games-

Jake rocked the basketball game!!

He won 6 times. So we are good on basketballs for a while! :)

We stayed over 8 hours. We were tired, our feet hurt, and we were very full! It was a perfect day at the Minnesota State Fair!!!

And we did not forget the other members of our family that couldn't come to the fair with us- a bucket of Sweet Martha Cookies to send to Tyler at college.

And a special bone from the Pet Center building for Bella- which she thoroughly enjoyed!

Now that the fair is over, I have one question...How many days until next years State Fair??

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today was one of those days that had me leaving the house at 8:30 in the morning and not returning home until 7pm tonight. It was a good day- but very busy!

An hour work-out at Lifetime Fitness,
hair appointments,
rushing home to youngest boy to soccer practice at school,
soccer parent meeting,
going into Middle School to put school supplies in locker and practice locker combination,
grocery shopping....

And then Pete called late in the afternoon and said that a client gave him 3 tickets to the Vikings game tonight. So I drove the two boys downtown Minneapolis (in mega traffic!!) to meet Pete so they all could go to the game. What a fun, impromptu night for them!

IMG00274 (2)


And the busy day was all worth it because Drew just told me: "You were SuperMom today!"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

wordless wednesday:

Bella misses her boy!


And so do we!!!