Monday, September 6, 2010

Minnesota State Fair

I think most people fall into one of two categories on their feelings regarding State Fairs- they either love them or loathe them. I am one of those people that love the State Fair! And I think with each passing year I am enjoying it even more and more.

This year we were planning on going to the Fair on Friday- but the weather turned out to be cold, blustery and rainy. So we put our plans on hold for a day and headed out to the ‘Great Minnesota Get Together’ on Saturday and the weather was perfect- it was sunny and cool with a touch of Fall in the air

What should we do first? :)

A State Fair must!!! Cheese curds!

One of my favorite buildings is the Horticulure Building.

With the giant pumpkins-

And flowers, honey and produce-

Went on the SkyGlider-

A stop at Machinery Hill to see the tractors (this used to be one of Drew's favorite parts of the fair when he was little!)

A ride on the Space Tower-

Which is a quick ride with some great views-

This picture shows how big the crowd was on Saturday- biggest attendance ever in the history of the Minnesota State Fair with over 234,000 people!

Resting our feet for a few minutes-

A stop at the MN Twins building-


Tried some great new food at Blue Moon Dine In Theater- the corn and bacon flatbread- delicious!

And some 'old' favorite food-

Went on a ride on the Giant Slide-

And of course a stop in the Midway to play some games-

Jake rocked the basketball game!!

He won 6 times. So we are good on basketballs for a while! :)

We stayed over 8 hours. We were tired, our feet hurt, and we were very full! It was a perfect day at the Minnesota State Fair!!!

And we did not forget the other members of our family that couldn't come to the fair with us- a bucket of Sweet Martha Cookies to send to Tyler at college.

And a special bone from the Pet Center building for Bella- which she thoroughly enjoyed!

Now that the fair is over, I have one question...How many days until next years State Fair??

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MollyinMinn said...

Now see, you make it look fun. But of course my answer is...far too few days until it comes around again. ;)