Wednesday, June 26, 2013

a new car for me!!!!

We bought our first minivan right before Drew was born, almost 16 years ago. Just about 9 years ago, we bought our 2nd minivan which I have been driving ever since!! (So just so we are clear, I have been driving a minivan for almost 16 years.. and the last few years most of the time I am the only one in the car! )  :)

newcar Oct 2004

Today, we traded the minivan in for a new car for me!!!! We bought a Lincoln MKX, a luxury car with all of the bells and whistles... and I am in love!!! :)


Monday, June 24, 2013

weekend lens :: picnic and music

Ribbet collage

grad parties :: pulled pork on the smoker :: a bonfire :: pancakes :: 
a picnic and Music in the Zoo
and saw James Hunter Six and Shemekia Copeland (who was amazing and stole the show! )

Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

This year, Father's Day was very low-key for us. We were all very tired from all of the previous day's graduation party festivities. Jake also worked and Drew refereed 4 games in a soccer tournament, while we worked on getting our house put back together.


Pete opened some cards and gifts.


And received a very special text/gift from Jake while he was at work. :)


Jake spent some of his time today opening his cards. 



Many, many generous gifts that will be put right in the bank to help pay for college.


A nap in the middle of the day.... Yes, I think the graduation hoopla finally caught up with me. 


Happy Father's Day... especially to Pete the Father of my boys, my Dad and to Gail my father-in-law!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Graduation Open House

On Saturday we held Jake's Graduation Open House. The day started out warm and humid and about an hour before the party was to begin it started raining... heavy, downpour kind of rain. Because of the rainy season we have been having we were prepared and almost expecting the rain. We just moved everything inside and set up tables in our lower level. Despite the rain, the day turned out great and I think Jake enjoyed himself.

I designed and ordered this invitation through TinyPrints and was so happy with the way they turned out!


We didn't do a ton of decorations but just kept things fairly simple. The front porch had flowers and a Grad sign.


And also balloons.


We had the Notre Dame flag flying.


In the front entrance way the foyer table set with a couple of Jake's senior photos in frames, a family picture taken at graduation, the program from commencement, and some wallet photos.


We had a table set up with Jake's senior poster, Notre Dame acceptance letter, diploma, kindergarten picture, graduation cap. various awards and other high school mementos.



We had Buffalo Wild Wings boneless wings (2 different kinds), BWW potato wedges, a couple of pasta salads and coleslaw.


Chips and salsa, fruit, and vegis and dips to go with the wings.


the dessert table


The kitchen help. :) My sister, my nieces, my Mom and Drew were all fabulous helping with everything!!


Drew watching the video we put together for Jake.


Jake and Grandpa Anderson watching the video.




Tyler and his girlfriend, who I was so glad that could join us for the day.



The sun finally came back out and after things dried up we were able to move outside towards the end of the evening.



The day turned out great and it was so nice to honor Jake and all that he has accomplished.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Graduation Day

Friday, June 7th
Class of 2013


We took some pictures at our house before Jake had to leave.



brothers :)


Jake and his Grandparents


Jake and one his good friends


The two Notre Dame bound friends.

Image 1


Graduation was held at the Target Center in Minneapolis.



Graduation class of 418 seniors!!!


Jake was honored with many achievements: Summa Cum Laude, National Honor Society, ACT score, AP Scholar with Honor, Mathematics Award, Social Studies Award and scholarships!!







"Jake- We are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished. Your determination, sense of humor and kind heart show in everything you do. We know your future is bright and there are great things ahead for you! We love you!"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

senior shenanigans

The end of senior year has always marked a time of excitement, freedom and the anticipation of the future. It has also always been a time of shenanigans. All good, clean fun. Our high school does a fabulous job of monitoring the situations but also letting the kids have their fun, which the kids respect!

Each year, on one of the senior's last days of school they organize a bike event. :) They meet at a local park with their bikes and bike down one of the main roads to school, blocking all other traffic including busses. :) You can see what a hurry they are in. :)


They also TP'd the lunchroom on another day.


Another morning the seniors all met for a breakfast tailgating in the high school parking lot complete with grilled eggs and bacon. They took up most of the parking lot with their cars all in a big circle. :)


There was a senior brunch at Wilds Golf Course after graduation practice where a bunch of Jake's friends got together for pictures- and then again graduation day (in the same order). :)

Good friends, good times, good memories!