Thursday, June 6, 2013

senior shenanigans

The end of senior year has always marked a time of excitement, freedom and the anticipation of the future. It has also always been a time of shenanigans. All good, clean fun. Our high school does a fabulous job of monitoring the situations but also letting the kids have their fun, which the kids respect!

Each year, on one of the senior's last days of school they organize a bike event. :) They meet at a local park with their bikes and bike down one of the main roads to school, blocking all other traffic including busses. :) You can see what a hurry they are in. :)


They also TP'd the lunchroom on another day.


Another morning the seniors all met for a breakfast tailgating in the high school parking lot complete with grilled eggs and bacon. They took up most of the parking lot with their cars all in a big circle. :)


There was a senior brunch at Wilds Golf Course after graduation practice where a bunch of Jake's friends got together for pictures- and then again graduation day (in the same order). :)

Good friends, good times, good memories!

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