Monday, June 25, 2012

a 34


Jake has taken the ACT college entrance test 4 times with the latest one being about 3 weeks ago. The first 3 times he took the test he received the exact same score. It was a good score but he knew he could do better; and he really, really wanted to get a better score.

So Jake did what he always does when he wants something-- he worked hard. He spent a few days before this last test figuring out exactly what he needed to do and what he needed to work on to get the score he wanted. 

And then, also true to Jake fashion; because he loves and needs people around him- he organized a study group. :) And they studied and went over online tests. I am not sure that there are many 'study groups' for the ACT test, but hey, whatever works. :)

So, fast forward to Sunday evening. We knew the test scores were most likely going to be posted online sometime on Monday, but not exactly sure what time.

At 12:01 am, the house was sound asleep, when we hear a thunk, thunk, thunk. A sound I haven't heard for many years of a Jake running frantically up the stairs. In the olden days it was because of a bad dream or a thunderstorm.

But today, he bursts into our room (yes at 12:01 am) and shouts; "I got a 34!!!!" Pete and I both bolt from sleeping to sitting upright and say; "What?!?!" We are confused having just been woken up, but Jake repeats; "I got a 34!!!!" We finally processed what he was saying and joined in his excitement! :)

Jake was so happy!! And we are soooo proud of him!!!! He has worked so hard and it is so awesome to see all of that hard work pay off!!! The sky is the truly the limit for that boy!!!

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Ron said...

Wow!!! That's the top 1%!