Friday, July 24, 2009

My Wedding Dress

Kelly’s Korner is hosting a fun blog hop called SHOW US YOUR LIFE– this weeks topic is wedding dresses. This was fun to post do- to go through old photos and memories!

We got married February 10, 1990...almost 20 years ago!

I really wanted a winter wedding and thought a wedding right around Valentine's Day sounded romantic and perfect for a winter wedding in Minnesota.

I found my dress pretty quickly and loved it the second I tried it on! It was long sleeve (because Minnesota winter are cold =0) and had such pretty detail.

I think what made me fall in love with this dress was the heart shape opening in the back of the dress which I thought was perfect for a Valentine's wedding. (The only picture I have of the back of my dress is this snapshot.)

Unfortunately, I don't have many great photos from my wedding (this was pre-digital camera days and we didn't have the best photographer) but this is a page I had ripped out from a bridal magazine and saved for all these years. This gives you an idea of what my dress looked like.

This last picture is a little doll with a wedding dress that my grandma had made for my wedding. She had also made little bridesmaids dolls that matched the colors of their dresses as well. We had these set up at the cake table and is such a sweet memory for me.


BOWquet said...

It's so pretty! Like a princess! :)

Gramma said...

Absolutely beautiful! :)

Mocha Momma said...

Hi Kathie, I came to see your memory. My grandma crocheted too. She made the lace for my first wedding dress.

I saw todays post (July 29) and i use those towels all the time. I buy them at bazaars or make my own (sewing not crocheting). I love them!

Great memories. Beautiful dress. Two young kids got married 20 years ago. Congratulations on a long marriage!

More later,
Nannette @Life: be-in-it