Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Day After the Day After Tomorrow

We leave the day after, the day after tomorrow!!! Can you tell I am a little excited to leave for spring break? We are so looking forward to soaking in the sunshine and just relaxing.

I ran some more errands this afternoon and came home a few minutes after Jake got home from school. Immediately when I walked in the door he asked me if I would take him to the mall- he wanted to get a new hat to bring on vacation. So back out we went. (I just got home from the mall :0) Jake ended up getting a Wisconsin hat and two Wisconsin t-shirts. Here is Jake modeling his purchases.

Here is cute picture of Drew reading. He has been rereading all of the Harry Potter books and he has just been devouring them.

Pete and I went out to dinner and then the last Wild game of the season (that we have tickets for). It was a nice night. When we got home I was tucking Drew into bed and noticed his Zamboni collection all lined up. He thought I should get a picture. So cute.

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