Sunday, March 29, 2009

Restful Day

Another restful day--- we slept in, made a nice breakfast, read the Sunday newspaper and watched CBS Sunday Morning (a favorite show of Pete, Drew and me). It was a very relaxing morning! Later in the afternoon, I ran to go tanning (I know, I know- I shouldn't be doing this- but we are leaving on vacation on Friday and I really don't want to burn when we are on the cruise!!!) Then I went to Target to get some stuff we needed for vacation and some groceries.

When I got home Pete and I took Bella for a long walk. It was absolutely perfect walking weather- 45 and sunny!!! I guess I was lucky to get out and enjoy this weather because they are talking about a snowstorm Tuesday!! Only in Minnesota, can we have such beautiful weather one day and snow the next!!

For dinner we grilled some pork chops with the best marinade- --Lawry's Caribbean Jerk.

Our whole family absolutely loves this and it is so easy. We use this marinade alot when we grill pork and chicken! At dinner tonight, Jake said this is what he wants for his birthday dinner! That's how much we like it!

And maybe we are getting in the mood for our Caribbean vacation a little bit too :0)

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