Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Shoes

Drew suggested that I blog about this....

Drew needed new shoes before we leave for our cruise next week. I knew his shoes were getting small-- but I had no idea how badly he did need new shoes! Yesterday, I picked Drew up from school and we headed to Famous Footwear to start our shopping. I measured his foot and it was a size 9!!! His old shoes were size 7!!! Boy- I felt like a bad mom :0) He tried a few pairs of shoes on- but was not completely sure and wanted to look a little more.

So we got in the car and headed to Dick's Sporting Goods to check out the shoes there. Now these stores are only maybe 5 miles apart- so in theory this should be a quick trip- but this road has "300" stop lights on it. So what should be a few minute drive turns into a good 20 minutes!!!

We are getting out of the car at Dick's and Drew says; "Where's my hat?" We look all over the car with no luck. We realize he must have left it on the bench back at Famous Footwear. Argh!!!

We go into Dick's to see what they have- but Drew really doesn't see anything that he likes better than what he saw at Famous Footwear. We get back in the car- and head back the 20 minute drive to FF to get the hat and look at the shoes again.

Lucky for us- Drew finds his hat....and finds some shoes.

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