Monday, March 2, 2009

Pay it Forward

This is something that happened to me about a week before Christmas:

I was running Christmas errands- trying to finish up all those million last minute things. My last errand for the day was to stop at Starbucks and get a pound of ‘Christmas Blend’ coffee (one of my favorites and one I wait for all year)

and a gift for Pete. The store was fairly quiet- only one person in front of me in line ordering their drink. I was waiting to make my purchases and wandered out of line to look at a cute Christmas ornament.

Another man entered the store and got in line where I had been standing and ordered a coffee drink. I got back in line behind him, when he turned around and asked me if he had budged in front of me in line? I told him ‘not at all, I had stepped out of line, really no big deal at all’. He looked at the items that I was waiting to purchase and asked if that’s all I was getting? I told him ‘yes’-(at this point I am wondering why he was asking). He said he was going to buy them for me. I told him that that was not necessary and it was way too much (about $30). He insisted and told the barista behind the counter to put my items on his purchase and threw his Visa on the counter. He said; ‘Think of this as a random act of kindness.’ I was totally shocked!!! I told him that that was so generous of him and totally not necessary, but thank you! And Merry Christmas!

I got back in my car and was still in utter disbelief!! This stranger just paid for my purchases- $30 mind you! (Not a cup of coffee- but a big purchase!)

Listening to my favorite radio channel, KTIS, I have heard of these things happening to other people, but I never really thought I would experience it. This total stranger’s actions truly exemplified the Christmas spirit and really made me want to ‘pay it forward.’ I prayed that God would give me some wonderful opportunities to do just that this past Christmas season and beyond. It is so amazing how one person’s random kind actions can touch another so deeply.

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