Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend in Fargo

Edited on 3/7/09 to add some more pictures.

Drew and I had a great weekend in Fargo for his hockey tournament despite the "lovely" weather :0) We drove through a huge snowstorm and then wake up Friday morning to this....

And what this pic doesn’t tell you is that the windchill was -40!!!!!!!!!!!!

Drew's team had 5 games this weekend- and got to play some great teams: one from as far away as Littleton, CO and another as close as the other North team!

Here is a couple of funny pictures: the first one is of Drew's team on the bench between periods while the Zamboni was resurfacing. They were having a little fun- doing the wave... (although you can't really tell from this picture.)

and then in this picture they thought it would be funny to hide when the mom's came over to take their picture :0) Where did they go???

The team had fun at a lunch out at Space Aliens!!!

Drew had fun in the hotel hanging out with his team- playing shinny, collecting bouncy balls, trading pins, going for luggage cart rides.... It was a great weekend- but we are sure happy to be home!!!

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