Friday, March 6, 2009

Connect 4

There has been a big "tournament" going on in our house....

Yup- that's right- Connect 4. Tyler was playing this game the other night with his friends- (they are so funny!) So the next night Tyler brings the game upstairs and says to Drew: "you and me, right now!" Well, of course Drew jumped at the chance to play a game and to play a game with Tyler- life couldn't be any better!

Over the last few days there has been some mad Connect 4 going on around here! Who would think such a simple board game(one we have had for years and years) would bring so much fun!!!

I am playing Tyler- he kicked my butt! (By the way- I am not having a glass of wine for breakfast- it is actually evening and Drew is having a bowl of cereal for a snack!:0)

Above-Tyler playing Pete.
Picture below- Jake and Drew playing.

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jamesfkathleenf said...

These pictures and your commentary brought a (: to my face. Play on!