Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Good to Be Home

These past 5 days have been such a whirlwind and it seems like it has been 5 weeks (not days)!!

Tyler had not been feeling well since Friday- during the day he was real tired and then that evening he started getting a bad headache. He went to bed thinking that he would be feeling better in the morning- but Saturday his head was feeling even worse.

By Sunday afternoon, Tyler said that he thought he should go to the Dr. I totally jumped at that- this is not something he would ever say- so I knew he was feeling really bad. When your big 17 year old son says he needs to go to the doctor--you go!!

Pete took Ty to urgent care. His white blood count was 11,000. High is 7,000. They told Pete to take him to the emergency room so they could do some more tests. I was at a year end hockey party with Drew. I found a ride home for Drew and left to meet Ty and Pete at the ER.

At the ER, they took more blood, did a CT scan and then did a spinal tap. The results of the spinal tap was 400 (which I think was white blood cells found in the fluid) and normal is up to 4. So they told us he had meningitis but they weren't sure yet if it was bacterial (very bad) or viral.

So they were going to admit him, get his pain under control, stop the nausua and start treatment like it was bacterial- giving him IV antibiotics.

Ty was so sick and in a lot of pain... as a mother you feel so helpless when one of your 'babies' get so sick - even if your baby is a big 17 year old boy.

Here are a couple of picture I took times he was feeling a little better.
This first picture is Tyler with the balloon and stuffed animal the Kuriscak family sent.

One of the nights at the hospital he was working on his basketball picks for the March Madness basketball pool he is in. He thought it would be pretty humorous if he ended up winning...

A joke between Grandma and Tyler- something about the door never getting closed and if Ty asked for something from the nurses he could hit the button 'that was easy'...

By Wednesday, Tyler was very anxious to get out of the hospital. When the Dr. gave the discharge orders- the doctor had no sooner walked out of the room and Tyler had his hospital gown off, clothes and shoes on, and was ready to go...even though we still had to get the papers and his IV taken out.

On the way home I asked Tyler what he wanted to do first...He said take a shower and then have a peanut butter sandwich (his all time favorite food!!)...

It is good to be home!!!

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