Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It Takes a Village to Light a Tree :0)

Another story from Christmas 2008....

I was so happy- we had gotten our “pre-lit” Christmas tree up and decorated fairly early this year- and it looked great (if I don’t say so myself). Ha! That is until the top part of the tree lights went out.

Pete (and Drew) tried his hardest to get those darn lights lit again- but no luck. I really was dreading undecorating, putting up more lights, and redecorating the tree.

I was telling my mom about our light malfunction and a few days later she called me to tell me of an article she had seen in the newspaper of a handy gadget that helps you fix Christmas lights. So I grabbed our paper and cut out the article of the “Lightkeeper Pro”.

Pete and I each checked a bunch of stores over the next few days, but we had no luck in finding one in stock. So Pete decides to call his Sister who works at Lowe’s in Owatanna to see if they might have one- but they are sold out. She however is able to track one down at the Lowe’s in Rochester (where Father-in-law lives). So Pete calls Rochester Lowe’s and orders one, and Father-in-law picks it up, and ships it to us. It arrives the next day and Dear Husband works on repairing our tree. It took quite a while- but it looks soooo much better!!!

So- it seems that it takes a village to light a (our) Christmas tree. (Or at least a Mother, me, a Sister-in-law, a Father-in-law, a son and a Dear Husband.)

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