Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nothing on the Calendar

Today was a great day! With nothing on the calendar- we got to sleep in- which is definitely a special treat. Then I just putzed around the house most of the morning doing laundry and playing on the computer. But one of the best things that happened this morning was that Drew decided to clean his room!!!!!!!!! He even got rid of his old candy--- from Halloween and the past 2 Valentine's days! Yuck!

I so wish I had a before picture of his room---but I do have an after picture.

This afternoon, Pete and I headed over to Mall of America to do a little shopping for our vacation. Pete need to get some new Tevas, a couple pair of shorts and some shirts. I found a cute white denim jacket and a couple of t-shirts. We stopped for a nice lunch at Twin Cities Grill- I had the best french dip sandwich! We were walking thought the mall and saw a store that I didn't even know was at the mall- one I visited 2 times in London and once in Paris....

I love this store! Lush! I seriously could spend a lot of money here... but today I just looked. But now that I know we have one so close... I will be back :0)

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