Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Walk Around a Lake

It was a gorgeous day today so we decided to go for a walk. Pete, Drew, and I (and our dog) piled into the car this morning to take a drive to Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. I love going down to 'the lakes'~there are some great walking trails to hop on and some beautiful scenery to look at. And it always brings back some great memories~ I used to spend many hours running around these lakes back in high school cross country! The walking trail around Lake Harriet is 2.75 miles, which makes for a perfect family walk.

Drew and Bella~

As we were walking along the path we came upon a famous tree that houses the 'Lake Harriet Elf.' You can see kids (and adults) leaving gifts and notes for the elf. Local legend says the shy elf responds to every single letter he receives, sometimes up to 1,500 or more a year.

A closer look at this cute little house~

From the south side of the lake you can see a great view of the Bandshell and a neat view of the Minneapolis skyline.

Drew and I enjoying the view~

And Drew, Pete and Bella~

After our walk we grabbed our picnic lunch that we had packed and we found a nice little spot near the Bandshell/Pavillion area.

A beautiful day!

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