Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Sign of Spring

The weather sure didn't feel like it today- but this morning we experienced another sure sign of spring (and summer)~ going to the Farmer's Market. It was cold and windy today~ but I couldn't wait any longer~ I had to go take all of those glorious sights and smells in. I seriously could just walk around the Farmer's Market every single day and never buy a thing (but how can you resist those flowers, plants, vegetables...) We go to the Farmer's Market many times throughout the spring/summer/fall~ it is so fun to see how the selection changes as the seasons change. Right now it is mostly plants, herbs and flowers.

I am contemplating just the best herbs to purchase ;o)

Drew and I picking out some flowers~

And more flowers~

Pete and Drew can hardly wait until we get to the stand that sells the nummy bratwursts with the onions and peppers. Today we were there around lunch time~ but they have been known to get these very early in the morning!

Drew enjoying the first brat of the year~

As we were leaving we spotted a van with a sign painted on it with exactly what I was feeling~

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