Saturday, May 30, 2009

Show Us Where You Live- Kids Rooms

Long gone are the days of cute, perfect nurseries... We now have real, lived in tween and teenager rooms... need I say more?? :)

I will start with Drew's room. The view into Drew's room from his door~

His dresser with some of his many Lego creations~

Drew's mini bat collection~

Here is a picture of his desk. Drew really, really wanted this desk for Christmas back in kindergarten.

And his huge, huge stuffed animal dog, Darby lives under his desk. (What were we thinking when we bought this?? :)


Jake's Room:

This hockey flag hangs in Jake's door~

This is the view into his room from the door~

Jake's room is pretty small, so years ago we decided to buy a loft bed for his room- it has given him so much more floor space and has worked really well.

His chair that he likes to sit in if he is watching tv.

Some of his collections~

Whew- that was a lot! Since I am a day late getting this posted, I think I am going to update later with Ty's room.

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