Saturday, May 23, 2009


Last night we were blessed to have my sister's kids over to watch for a while because my sister and her husband had a groom's dinner to attend. It was fun to have them over and spend a little one on one time with them. And the cousin's always like seeing each other.

Tyler was heading out for dinner and a movie- but took some time before he left to teach his littlest cousin, Mary, how to play pinball. So cute~

Drew, Pete and cousins Sophia and Thomas played a competiive game of Risk~

And Miss Mary trying on some shoes she found in my closet. She was in my closet for about 5 seconds and came out with these old shoes of mine- which I thought was so funny because I didn't even know I still had these shoes! :) They did entertain her for quite a while though~

Cousin Thomas tipping backwards in the video rocker while we were watching a movie~

We had a fun night with the cousins!

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Kim said...

They had so much fun with you guys! Thank you SO much for having them over!!!