Friday, May 8, 2009

Bail Out Plan

About a week ago, Tyler was eating lunch and waiting for a friend to come over. He was busy scratching away in a notebook and I didn't think much about it at the time. Later- he told me he has came up with a bail out plan for the Untied States... (I thought this was so funny! And shows how Ty's mind is always working~ especially when it comes to numbers ;o)

(When reading~ take this with the humor that is intended ;o)

United States Bailout Plan
“Attempt 2”

by: Tyler

An average pack of m&m’s is worth about 75 cents or $0.75. If there are 32 m&m’s in a pack, that makes each m&m worth about 2.5 cents or $0.025.

If we invest, lets say $3 million in packs of m&m’s we would have 4 million packs of m&m’s.

So, assuming the inflation rate follows the trend of the last 30 years in the United States (which is 3.92%), in five years a pack of m&m’s will be worth 90.89 cents or $ .9089 making our total value be $3,635,941.98 or a net gain of $635,941.98 or $127,138.39 per year.

We invest in m&m’s because banks and stocks can crash. With m&m’s we always have a fallback plan of selling our stock of m&m’s to the Chinese. With an estimated 1.4 billion Chinese people there is a major demand of food. With our stock of 4 million packets, that’s an average of .29 packs of m&m’s per person in China. With our low supply we can skyrocket the supply and demand curve and sell our m&m’s for 400% their initial value making quadruple our initial investment.

By doing this we can raise the m&m’s value to 10 cents a piece, making an m&m worth more than a Mexican Peso.

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