Tuesday, May 10, 2011

project 365 {93-99}

Day 93
{April 3rd}


The last day of our cruise. :(
Day 94
{April 4th}


Back to reality:: a mountain of laundry to do after an awesome vacation.

Day 95
{April 5th}


Staying in the mood of our Caribbean vacation:: dinner was chicken and veggies with our favorite Caribbean Jerk marinade.

Day 96
{April 6th}


A trip to one of my favorite stores :: Trader Joe's.
Day 97
{April 7th}


Spices that I bought on the island of Dominica :: the island of spices.

Day 98
{April 8th}

Opening day of the MN Twins :: dressed and ready to watch the game from home :)

Day 99
{April 9th}


 A BIG clean-up of our storage room. I really wish I would have taken some before pictures, because this room was such a mess! This is a huge room (20 feet by 30 feet) in our lowest level and before the big clean- there was pretty much just a run way to the fridge straight ahead. Ahhh..much better!!

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