Monday, May 2, 2011

exercize challenge

About a week ago, Jen, from PriorFatGirl, announced a challenge on her blog.

"PriorFatGirl’s Steppin’ It Up Challenge:
A 14 day challenge designed to utilize the power of an online community, virtual support and motivation from each other to achieve our over arching goal of STEPPIN’ IT UP!"

PriorFatGirl blog was a great resource for me this past year as I was pursuing my own weight loss and fitness goals. Her blog gave me a ideas and tips on food, exercise and just a lot of motivation to keep going.

This announcement sounded like a great way to challenge myself and gain some new motivation in my daily workout. The challenge started today and so I took a picture with my iPhone after I was done with my workout at the gym.

I did my usual at the gym of one hour on the elliptical, for a distance of 4.54 miles, and burned 582 calories. Not too bad for day one of the challenge.

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