Thursday, April 21, 2011

project 365 {72-78}

Day 72
{March  13th}

Day 72/365

End of hockey season.
Jake's jerseys all clean and ready to be returned.

Day 73
{March 14th}

Day 73/365

Pi Day
Pie is needed on Pi day.

Day 74
{March 15th}

Day 74/365

A mask Drew made in school art class.

Day 75
{March 16th}

Day 75/365

Tyler and I finished two puzzles while he was home for his spring break.
Such a fun way to spend time together!

Day 76
{March 17th}

Day 76/365

I made Tyler's favorite dessert: Banana Chocolate Chip Bars.
Recipe can be found here.

Day 77
{March 18th}

Day 77/365

At the Mall of America
I walked by the 'human' guy.
"Blue Cross presents one man's journey to become healthier while living in a box at the mall."
You could follow him on facebook and twitter. You could join his activities and learn what he learns.
Kind of interesting.

Day 78
{March 19th}

Day 78/365

Cute flip flops I bought for spring break. Love.

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