Friday, April 22, 2011

baby box

A "baby box"


is the name our family has called a storage container filled with baby and childhood memorabilia. And a few nights ago, Jake said he wanted to get his 'baby box' down from his shelf in his closet  and look through it. Melt my heart!

Jake, Pete and I spent some time looking through this treasured box of memories.


It was so touching to see my big 'almost 16 year old' boy, going though his mementos from his very early years, and so enjoying every minute of it!!



Jake really enjoyed looking through the newspaper(especially the sports section) from the day he was born.


Items kept in the 'baby box' include: First Year Calendar, special cards, special baby gifts, baby book,
first shoes, baptism candle, hand prints, birth announcement, party hats from first three birthdays,
and so much more!
Picnik collage

The best part was Jake thanking me for putting his 'baby box' together for him!
Melt my heart!!!

And this all seemed so very appropriate since Jake has his big 16th birthday coming up in just a couple of days.

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