Thursday, April 28, 2011

chicken fried steak

A night one weekend not too long ago, I asked my hubby what he would like for dinner. He could choose. We had a clear schedule for the day (a rarity) and I was in the mood for cooking. He didn't know what to say as I am usually the one that does the menu planning.

The first thing he came up with is 'maybe we could grill some chicken'.

Ummm... I was thinking of something a little more elaborate...

So I responded with: "It can be anything....

Him: Maybe some lasagna....

Me: "Ok, now we are getting somewhere... and it can be something I have never made before."

I proceeded to pull out some cookbooks and he quickly flipped through about 4 of them...
until I pulled out the Pioneer Woman cookbook....

And then, he looked at every page very slowly... and found many recipes (pictures) that looked very good... and finally narrowed it down to....

Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes.

The recipe for both of these can be found in the Pioneer Woman cookbook.
The chicken fried steak recipe can also be found here on her website.
And the creamy mashed potato recipe can be found here.

So I went out to the grocery store to get the necessary ingredients.
And then started cooking away.
First, measuring ingredients.


coating the cube steak




frying the meat




making the gravy


The finished product of chicken fried steak, served with mashed potatoes,
and Trader Joe's Blackened Corn.

The boys thought the chicken fried steak was wonderful and that it is definitely a recipe I should make again!!

I tried a bite of the steak and a bite of the mashed potatoes with gravy but I opted for a lighter (less fried) meal of a salad and a sandwich thin with Laughing Cow cheese. :) 


We were all happy!

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