Sunday, August 16, 2009

swimming fun at the cabin

We are home after spending a week at a cabin at a resort near Alexandria, MN. There were 15 of us and so there was always lots of activity!

We spent the week swimming at the beach , fishing, golfing, playing tons of games, bowling, pontooning, enjoying sunsets, flowers and bonfires and family time...

The kids loved swimming and we spent quite a bit of time down at the beach! The resort has a lot of fun water toys that kept even the big kids entertained. =0)

Tyler, my niece Sophia, my cousin Sean, and Jake had a ton of fun on these huge floating mats.

The gang on the Saturn which they would rock back and forth~ and then fall off =0)

Tyler taking a rest~


Jake and Tyler~

A little football~

My niece Mary~


More to come... =0)

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