Monday, August 17, 2009

Smiling Jake

Jake has been smiling all day! He told me earlier this afternoon that 'this was the best day!'

He started the morning at the orthodontist... and got his braces off!!!! This has been a long process starting with an expander when he was 8 years old . He has had his braces on for 2 years and was very happy to get them off right before starting high school (and school pictures tomorrow).

This picture is from right before he got his braces on in September 2007.

And today before the braces came off~

And after~ holding the congratulation balloons and sparkling cider from the orthodontist. I love his smile!

Later in the afternoon we headed over to Target to get some groceries and Jake wanted to purchase a futon he had seen in the weekly sale. He has been wanted one of these for his room for a while now and was so happy to get one on sale. Then it was off for a haircut!

Here is a picture of Jake building his futon~

And in his room~

And to round out his great day~ he got 9 holes of golf in. =0) Yep- there was a lot to smile about today!

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