Friday, June 12, 2009

Not Much

Not a lot to blog about these past couple of days. We seem to be settling into summer and all our new routines and schedules... and our lack of routines and schedules. I have been doing a lot of this~

It seems like I have been doing lots more driving this past week~ but I actually don't mind- I really love spending time with the boys and it is so nice to have more time to spend with them now that school is out!

Just a couple of other random things:

I have seen on some other blogs people raving about a couple of products that I thought I should try-- and I was so glad I did!

First, this~

Oh my goodness- these are good! If you haven't tried them--you need to! The whole family loved them!!!

And because those brownies are so good~ I bought this. =O)

I started this a couple weeks ago and it is hard- but so good!

And some more randomness~ (is this a word??)

Our lap dog Bella~

Happy Friday!!

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Anonymous said...

rofl the dog must think its a Chihuahua , LOL Great pics