Saturday, June 6, 2009


The boys last day of school was yesterday! So- that means that today is the first day of summer! (Although, the weather today doesn't make it feel like summer . The forecast is high of 55 and it is raining and I have heard talk of wind chills. Oh well, I know the warm, sunny days will return. Right?)

I think I love summer even more as a mom than I did when I was a kid~ if that is possible. There is just something about the slow pace days of summer after all the hustle and bustle of schedules, kids activities, homework, etc. A time to relax and breathe. sigh.

And speaking of summer~ I got the cutest summer dress the other day when I was out shopping with my mom. We were at Mall of America and went into a store I had never been in before~ but I totally loved and will definitely be going back. White House/Black Market. :) They had so many cute dresses~ and I tried on a lot of them! This is the one I got to wear to a wedding later this month~

Some other cute dresses~

There are so many cute dresses out there~ and I am just in love with the maxi dresses this summer. They look so cool and comfortable and it seems like you can find them almost anywhere- I have seen them at Target, Old Navy, Nordstroms, Macy's...I think I may have to get one this summer. :)

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Anonymous said...

beautiful, Id wear that, I LOVE IT :)