Saturday, October 24, 2009

the season is over

It was a long, hard fought season!


But this picture taken from after Thursday's night's game says it all.


With a 1-2 loss, the season was over.


But the game started out with a lot of hope, anticipation and excitement. There was a huge crowd. And even the high school marching band was there.


It was a small portion of the 300 member marching band- but it still added to the excitement of the night. Tyler is in the marching band (he obviously didn't play at the game) but there were a few extra drum beats and cheers from the band when his name was announced for the starting line up. =0)


A few picture from the game~





The boys gave it 150% and we were so proud for how hard they fought. They received medals for placing 2nd in their section.



Most of the team are seniors this year- so it was especially emotional (for both the players and the parents) realizing that the seniors high school soccer season is over. The coaches looked just as sad as the boys.


After the game, Tyler was about as emotionally and physically exhausted as I have ever seen him- poor guy!


And on top of that he went down with a head injury with about 2 minutes left of the game. He got back up (he was only down for about 30 seconds, but it seemed more like 10 minutes). He is ok- but but it sure scared his mama!!

Friday was a brighter day- he was already talking about playing in an indoor soccer league this winter. And shopping for a letter jacket this weekend. And going to a movie that night. And then headed out the door to a friend's house. =0)


Tina Vega said...

Sorry to hear about the loss but I am SO GLAD to hear your son is okay (that would have scared me to death). Great action pics!

~Kathie~ said...

Thanks Tina!