Thursday, October 29, 2009

new furniture

We have been in desperate need for some new furniture for our great room. The furniture in this room is over 12 years old and this room is definitely the most used room in our house and the most used furniture.

Some of the seems were ripping open. We had green silly putty (from years ago) that was accidentally left on the sofa and got squooshed between the cushions! Luckily, because it was between two cushions it was somewhat hideable! (After that incident, silly putty was banned from our house!)

Yesterday my mom and I went out furniture shopping. Just to start looking. Because this is a big purchase and something that our family will have to live with for probably another 12 years I was sure that it would take me a long time to find exactly what I wanted.

The first furniture store we walked into and the second sofa I saw is the one we purchased. Yes, in less than 20 minutes we picked out and bought a sectional sofa!! This is huge for me because I am not one to usually make quick decisions! =0) I have been debating on paint colors for my living room forever.... but yet I can walk in and buy furniture in just minutes??!!??

And the sofa was delivered today!!! And I love it!!! (These pictures are not the best quality~ the color and texture is off just a little.) Here is Jake enjoying the new sofa.


A view from the kitchen looking over the great room at Drew all curled up on the sofa.


I am loving the new sofa!!


So now I guess it is back to living room paint colors decisions... =0)


Deb said...

I am jealous-your furniture is as beautiful as you are....

Catherine Anne said...


Jennifer Bowen said...

I love your new sofa! Ours is that color, too, but not a sectional. As for paints, my walls are still crying out for a new coat. =D I can't make a decision either. LOL

TCKK said...

I love the sofa. It's really pretty but even more than that it looks so comfy!!!