Saturday, September 19, 2009

soccer saturday

Tyler had a soccer game today in a city about 1 hour and fifteen minutes from our house. The team rides the bus to and from the games.

I was driving and on my way to the game today about 5 minutes from the high school soccer field when I get a text from Ty saying 'not to come to his game because he probably will not play.' I tried texting him back trying to find out why- but didn't hear back from him.

I had already driven all the way there so I figured I would still go and cheer the team on even if Ty wasn't going to play. Well he did play- and played a lot.

I asked him after the game why he sent me the text and he said that his ankle was still hurting from the last game when he got slide tackled. He didn't think he should play tonight but when he saw me in the stands (and his Grandpa, and brother) he thought he would try and play since I had made the drive. What a tough boy I have!


Look at that header!


Half time.





Dajana said...

how sweet that he wanted to play although he wasn't feeling well. Tough guy, isn't he?

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Love your blog, I've been looking at it all morning!

Queen B. said...

awwww...another Mom with 3 boys !! yea !
I had my girlie girl last............

E @ Scottsville said...

Oh, you got some GREAT action shots there, Kathie! Nicely done!