Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

We had a great Labor Day weekend.

We went to the State Fair. We went to my parents for an end of the summer BBQ. We got some yard work done. Jake went to a friend's cabin. Tyler went to Wisconsin with some friends for a UW-Madison football game. Drew had some baseball. We had some bonfires. And we relaxed.

It has been a great weekend- but now that this weekend is coming to a close- it means that our summer is also coming to a close. School starts tomorrow.

Tonight at dinner we were discussing what our favorite part of summer was. It was fun to listen to all of our different answers. Tyler said the UW-Madison football game he was just at was his favorite thing he did this summer. It was no surprise that golfing was Jake's favorite part of summer. Drew said that starting summer break was his favorite part. Pete said that the cabin and getting some projects done in the yard was his favorite part of summer. And my answer was frequenting the Farmer's Market, going to the State Fair, and finishing my front yard project!!!

This discussion was a great way to sum up our summer.

We had a great summer and I think we are ready for the school year to begin and for everything that comes with the beautiful fall season.

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