Friday, April 10, 2009

'No Problems, Just Situations'

At 2 am Tuesday morning, we woke to screams coming from the boys room across the hall. We ran over to their room to find Drew had fallen out of the top bunk bed while sleeping!!! Without going into too much detail- we could tell right away that his arm was broken!!! We called the ships 911 and they told us that the Dr. would meet us at the Medical Center.

Pete put Drew's arm on the cribbage board that we had brought to splint it and wrapped it in a towel. We then headed to the Medical Center. They x-rayed his arm and then tried to set it and then put a cast on it. They re-x-rayed, and decided that it was not right and that most likely he would need surgery to set it. Drew's arm really started to swell- so they then cut the cast and taped it shut to give his arm room for the swelling but still give him some support.

It was now 6am and they told us to go back to our room get some rest and to start packing in case we needed to disembark at Grand Cayman. They told us to be back at the Medical Center at 8am after we were at Port and they were able to contact the Port Authorities. They wanted Drew to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon in Grand Cayman. Pete, Drew and I went back to our room and put Drew in our bed and then flew around packing everything from our two rooms.

At 8am, all 5 of us went back to the ships Medical Center and met with the Dr. again.

He told us that the Port Authorities have been contacted and that we had a choice to have surgery at Grand Cayman or to get a flight back to the US and have surgery at home. We felt that since it was safe for Drew to fly that we would fly home and have surgery at home. The Dr. put a new cast on that would tolerate the swelling from travel while flying (cast #2)

The Dr. we dealt with on the ship was absolutely amazing and went way above anything we could have expected. He arranged everything from our flights out of Grand Cayman, to dealing with the Port Authorities, arranging ground transportation and wheelchair assistance at the airports. Everything went so smoothly- it helped with some of the stress Pete and I were both feeling.

By about 11:30am all of our arrangements were finalized and we were escorted off the ship onto a tender with Port Authorites and a nurse.

This is a picture from the tender looking back at the Ruby Princess.

Waiting for the ground transportation~

Grand Cayman Airport~

Drew and the wonderful ladies at the Grand Cayman Airport that assisted us~

Drew getting wheeled out to the plane in Grand Cayman~

Flying to Miami~

Getting off plane in Miami~

My parents picked us up with 2 cars from the airport at MSP and took Ty and Jake back to their house while Pete, Drew and I went directly to the ER.

Waiting to be seen in the ER at Methodist for 3 1/2 hours~

Once in the ER, they decided they would try once again to try to set his arm- so they put him under and tried again ~ (I don't think the ER doctor believed what the ship Dr. said.) Surprise, surprise~ it didn't work and they decided that he did indeed need surgery and to admit him. They put another cast on~ cast #3. Drew waiting to go up to his room on the Pediatric floor~

Drew was scheduled to go down for surgery at 11:45am Wednesday. We needed to get his shirt that he had been wearing since Monday morning off for surgery- Drew decided the only way would be to cut the shirt off.

In pre-op, Drew was getting a little nervous so his nurse asked him if he would like some medicine that she calls the 'I don't care medicine' ~ I think it worked...

After surgery, Pete and I met with the Dr. and he said everything went really well. They put a plate in his arm with 5 screws to hold it in place. He gave us a copy of his x-rays.

He was back in his room about 6pm~ with cast #4.

Drew (and I) spent the night in the hospital. I slept on a cot and it was the best sleep I have had in years!!! Ir was the first time I had laid down since 2am Tuesday and the first real sleep I had since then. Drew also had a good night with all the pain meds they were giving him. I know we both needed that!

Drew getting ready to go home Thursday morning- we ended up just taping the shirt that we had cut off back together; rather than trying to maneuver his arm through another shirt.

He was pretty wiped once we did get home yesterday~

It is good to be home!!!!!!!!!!!

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