Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday Boy

Another Birthday- another year older! How can it be possible that my little Jakey is now 14!?!?! I love seeing what a great young man he is becoming- but at the same time I want to freeze the clock or at least slow it way down- time is moving way too fast!!!!!

How did we go from this~

To this, so quickly?!?!

Let's look back and see....;o)

Jake with big brother Tyler~

Jake at about 5 months old loved this bouncy duck~

And also loved kleenex~

Loving his first trip to Disney World (looking a little scared of Tigger) at age 2~

At 3 years old enjoying a little game of golf~

Jake at age 4 with his beloved Pokemon cards (wearing his baseball hat backwards, the cool way :o)

Age 7 on vacation- loving the recliner (still loves recliners! :o)

Jake and new puppy Comet at age 9~

Winning a gold medal in a hockey tournament in Lake Placid- age 11~

Cutting the long hair off (Ya!) at age 11~

And a recent (goofy) picture with all of his electronic gadgets~

I love you Jake!!!

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Kim said...

We LOVED looking at these pictures of Jake!!! He is such a sweetheart! It IS amazing how quickly time goes by!