Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cleaning, a Tux and a Concert

The boys left for school today and I spent most of the day cleaning. Not fun- but definitely had to be done. I think I even came across some dust bunnies~

When Tyler got home from school, we went over to the mall to order his tux for prom. (I was so happy that he asked me to go with him!!!!) I had so much fun spending time with him and giving my opinion when he asked. He picked put a black classic tux with a silver vest and tie. Oh--he is going to look so cute handsome!! Unfortunately, he would not let me take any pictures :o( but this is what the vest and tie look like (both ties are in the pic- he chose the European tie not the bow tie)~

This evening, Drew had his 5th grade concert at school. He had a ton of individual lines that he had to memorize for tonight and he did amazing! (I know I would have never been able to remember all those lines!!) These picures didn't turn out very well~

And the program from the concert~

It is hard to believe this was our very last Elementary School concert... ever!

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Kim said...

Those dust bunnies are cute...I'd keep them!