Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Mama

This morning I took Drew to school and got him all situated in his classroom and talked with his teacher for a little bit. I think Drew was a little excited to be back at school- after all there is only so much TV you can watch :o)

After that I ran to Starbucks, the bank, the post office, and to Target. It felt so good to just do normal errands again! Then I took Bella for a long walk- which was awesome because it was another beautiful day here. It felt so good to get some fresh air, get some exercise and feel the sunshine!

But~ I think my favorite thing I did today was to get my kitchen totally cleaned!! Now~ don't get me wrong-I don't necessarily like cleaning--but I DO like my house clean and there is something kind of therapeutic when doing some good old fashioned spring cleaning! And my poor kitchen has been neglected for too long with everything that has been going on this past month!

All 3 boys back at school + 1 Drew feeling better + some exercise + 1 clean kitchen = 1 happy mama!!

(This is only the 4th day since March 11th that all 3 boys have been at school!!!!)

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