Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend lens {Memorial Day}

Memorial Day weekend had the perfect mixture of fun, relaxation, and family time; which is my favorite kind of weekend!

We had a great time at the Twins game on Friday evening. We were worried about the weather but it turned out to be just perfect!





Saturday brought rain showers.


Which made for the perfect day to cozy up in the house and read. {I finally bought this book and was so excited to dig into it. I saw the author, Kate Hopper at the MN Blog Conference last fall and she was fabulous! She teaches mother's "how to write the stories they need to tell".}


And time to snuggle up with the dog. :)


In between the heavy downpours of rain and the thunder and lightening, Jake helped a good friend of his who was working on his project for his Eagle Scout badge. They were planting a garden at their old elementary school. It is kind of neat because they have been friends since they were 3 years old, attending the same preschool. Boy time flies! {photos taken by Teri}

eagle scout 2

eagle scout 3

We enjoyed a trip out to our favorite Mexican restaurant.


Sunday we had a family BBQ at my parents house which always includes great company and good food! I brought a '7 Layer Salad'. The recipe is {here}. I haven't had this salad for years and years, and it totally brought me back to my childhood!


On Monday I finally got my garden planted!!


It was a great Memorial Day weekend!


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