Friday, May 18, 2012

last band concert?

Thursday evening we attended Drew's 8th Grade Spring Band Concert.


This was Drew's last concert at the middle school and since he is not taking band next year at the high school, it may very well be our last band concert...ever.  {sob}

The 75 member band put on quite a show playing some great music! (It is always so amazing to see how far the band comes since they started playing way back in 5th grade.) The songs they played were Foundry, Nevermore, The Seal Lullaby, Lullabye, and Phantom of the Opera.

A slide show of pictures played during the two lullaby songs. This was such a special part of the concert because the pictures were of each student as a baby and then a current photo. Loved this!


Another neat part of the concert was when the band director explained how the highlight of the students band lessons each week were when they got to use his "smelly markers" to circle the next weeks lesson. The kids love this so much that he gives a big pack away at the Spring 8th grade concert. As all of the students were seriously sitting on the edge of their chairs, Mr. B drew a name out of a hat.... and it was Drew!!


It was a great concert and we will have a lot of fun and special memories from it!

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