Monday, April 23, 2012

school stories

There have been a couple of funny school stories that Jake has shared with me the past few days.


One of his classes at school this year is AP Chemistry which is an extremely tough class. He came home from school and announced to me with great excitement that he received a 100% on a recent test. He was happily explaining that no one gets 100% on these tests. His teacher doesn't let the corrected tests out of the classroom and so he told her; "We can do one of two things; we can get a frame and hang this test up in the classroom or I can buy a fridge for the classroom so we can hang it up on that.." His teacher thought this was pretty funny! :)

The other story was about an AP US History quiz bowl that he was invited to. This class was one that he had taken last year and his teacher from that class invites past students that did really well in the class to come and compete in a quiz bowl with her current students. Jake was excited to be asked and arranged a "study group" at our house one evening for the 'past students' to go over old notes, etc. Jake told the teacher that they were having a study group and she laughed-- since they were not doing it for a grade, points or anything. Just to compete.  :)

Funny boy! And I love how dedicated he is to doing his very best at school (and everything he does!)

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