Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Memory Lane :: Karmann Ghia

I haven't done a Memory Lane post for a very long time but after a recent trip to Chicago I felt the urge to bring it back.  I love doing these kind of posts because it documents some favorite moments that might otherwise be forgotten.

Earlier this month we were in Chicago purchasing a car from my cousin Cindy and her husband John. We were at their house out on the driveway, looking over the Datsun 240Z, when I spotted an old car tucked beside their garage. My cousin's Volkswagen Karmann Ghia!


This totally brought back memories of when she had driven the car to a family reunion soon after purchasing it from our Uncle Brian. I was so envious!! This picture of my cousin was taken at that family reunion in July of 1987. What is even more special about this picture is that is my Uncle pictured behind the car--he passed away just 5 months later, at the young age of 33.


When I saw the Karmann Ghia I just had to have my picture taken with it- for old time sake. :)


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