Sunday, April 15, 2012

Out for a Drive in the Z

Saturday morning we woke to a perfect Spring day with the sun shining brightly and temperatures starting to warm a bit. Pete thought it would be the perfect day to take the Z out for a drive. So we left a note for the still sleeping boys and took off for the day.


White puffy clouds in a beautiful blue sky greeted is as we headed out on our adventure. We hopped on County Road 50 and started heading west.


We stopped in Miesville at Kings Bar for a burger {amazing burgers by the way}


and made sure to get a table with a view of the car. :)


After lunch, we headed on Highway 61 south through Red Wing taking in all the scenic bluffs along the Mississippi River. Gorgeous!


We stopped in Lake City to stretch our legs and to take in the beautiful area.




We then continued on and made it all the way to Winona. What an amazing drive and so much fun in the Z! We started heading back home with a stop back in Red Wing at the St. James Hotel for some dinner. Love this place.



Loved this display at the bar and just thought it made a pretty picture. :)


It was a perfect day and so much fun testing out the new wheels!! I can't wait for the next time we can go out for a drive! :)

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