Friday, October 22, 2010

ding dong ditch

We have been enjoying a nice long weekend. The two younger boys have been out of school since noon on Wednesday for the much anticipated “MEA weekend” (MN teachers convention which has been this same weekend forever- even since I was a kid :)

The kids, parents and I am sure the teachers all look forward to this break to relax, recharge and have some fun in this beautiful fall weather.
But it seems as though last night some kids maybe had a little too much fun! :)

At 1am our doorbell rings. Pete and I both sit straight up in bed. Was that really the doorbell? Everyone that was supposed to be home was home. We were definitely not expecting anyone at that hour. While we were still processing getting woken up and what we should do, the doorbell rings again, followed by a very loud knock, knock, knock.

We jumped out of bed- and I have to admit that my heart was racing at this point- and went downstairs to look out the window by the front door. No one wasthere. Hmmm. Then we looked out the living room window to the front yard—and realize that not only have we been ding-dong-ditched, but also TP’d. Lovely!


Moral of the story: Long weekends sometimes give kids too much time for “fun”. :)

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