Friday, August 26, 2011

sunflowers of summer

Last evening, I coaxed Pete out for a little adventure. This past week, I had seen all over the news and in the newspaper about a stretch of sunflowers along a major highway near the airport. I absolutely love sunflowers and the story behind this completely touched me, so I knew that I had to take the little drive to go see this row of sunflowers.


According to the StarTribune newspaper, Tom Henry, a local resident, had an idea to plant “20 flowers on the stretch of unused airport land” but his idea quickly grew to “plant one sunflower for each day of the year.”

365 beautiful golden flowers that reach to the sun.


I couldn't wait to get my camera out and start taking pictures. :)


He has even added little month signs to help people find their ‘birthday flower’.


Pete's flower was very tall!


My 'birthday flower'.


This ‘long and winding row’ of sunflowers can be found in Richfield on the north side of Hwy 62 between Cedar and 28th Ave.



It is worth the drive to see this summer beauty and to ‘stop and smell the sunflowers!!’


We need more people like Tom Henry, who makes the world just a little bit brighter!


This is a lesson to all of us: to reach to the sun and make the world a little brighter!

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