Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday favorites

Friday Favorites

Some things that have made me smile this past week:

1) A cruiser bike


Is this not the cutest ever! I found this one on the Walmart website at a great price! I think that it would be so fun tooling around on this!

2) And I would totally add a little basket on the front. Love.


3) This is my new favorite ice cream treat.


I have tried several of the other items from Skinny Cow and my usual buy is the fudge bars. Which are also really good. But last time that I was getting groceries, Target was out of the fudge bars, so I grabbed this box. Oh my word! And only 100 calaries!

4) We have been enjoying lots of different music this summer and one of my favorite's right now is Adele.

She is coming in concert later this month and Pete surprised me with tickets!! I am beyond excited!
(And a bonus is that this concert is actually inside, so we won't be dealing with extreme heat or downpoars of rain!)  :)

5) This salsa recipe from Pioneer Woman.


This is an easy recipe using canned tomatoes... which makes it an easy recipe to make year round.

Happy Friday!

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